Do You Ship Worldwide?


Yes! We want everybody in the world to have the ability to enjoy our products.


How Long Does Shipping Take?


It depends on the product but usually around 1-3 weeks inside of the United States due to high demand. Outside of the United States it might take up to a few weeks longer than that.


What Happens If My Product(s) Doesn’t Arrive Or Is Damaged?


We take matters like that very serious and we’ll look into it immediately. If this happened to you feel free to email us at @gmail.com and we will make sure that you are pleased.


How Do I Make Payments Using PayPal? How Does It Work?


Paypal is the easiest way to make payments online. While checking out your order, you will be redirected to the Paypal website. Be sure to fill in correct details for fast & hassle-free payment processing. After a successful Paypal payment, a payment advice will be automatically generated to Samplestore.com system for your order.

It's fast, easy & secure

Do You Accept Wholesale Orders?


Depends on the order and how many but we are willing to negotiate. Email us at .com and we can figure something out.


Do You Work With Bloggers, Influencers etc?


Yes we do! If you’re interested in working with us, then email us at @gmail.com